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World Goodwill Interviews

Stereo Society Talks to "Gongman"


The Spheres-Recordings

World Peace Bell Gardens
"A Grid System Of Harmonically
Tuned Resonant Spaces"

"Mind & Body-Bang a Gong"
"The Sunday Times Interview"

"The Gong-Ocean Of Sounds"
Finnish magazine,"Mina Olen"

The Way of the Gong
Shining Bright Magazine

The Gong's All Here

The Sound of the Gong
by John Ram Tibayan

The Museum of Sound Recording

Magnum Opus - Gong
"An Tool For Enlightenment"

Astrological Music
"Tones Emanating From Planets"

Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble
"Circle of Shamanic Musicians"

Blessings Of Spiritual Gongs

Vach Flowers Of Sound


Hawaii Dolphin & Gong Odyssey

Odyssey Schedule

Don Conreaux - Gong Master

Magical Inner Space (Gong)
"Immersion Into A Spiraling
Cocoon Of Total Sound"

Sacred Sound Healing
Universal Wellbeing Magazine

Gong Healing
Nature & Health Magazine

Combination Tone Theory
"The Natural Harmonic Rise &
Non-Harmonic Summation Rise"

Music to Evolve By
The Open Ear Journal

Spiritualization of Matter
and other NEW CD's

The Way of the Gong

Annual Gongmaster Training

Harmony Program - Croatia

Valeology in Poland

Gong: Weapon of Peace
Renata Kopka and Gongmaster

Visit Starhenge in Brisbane

Sound Healing - 4th Ray
"Nectar Of Enlightenment"

Sacred Gongs-Tibetian Bowls

"The Musical Power
of Bronze Singing Bowls"

A Tool of Divination

The Origin Of Yoga

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