The Afflictions And The Cures

1. Lack of endurance or courage: Listen to the Sun Gong

2. Lack of communication or fuzzy thinking: Listen to the Mercury Gong

3. Lack of sensuality or loss of perspective: Listen to the Venus Gong

4. Lack of sexuality or emotional problems: Listen to the Moon Gong

5. Lack of relaxation or feelings of a closed heart: Listen to the Earth Gong

6. Lack of energy or assertiveness: Listen to the Mars Gong

7. Lack of trust or feelings of poverty: Listen to the Jupiter Gong

8. Lack of understanding or concentration: Listen to the Saturn Gong

9. Lack of spontaneity or feelings of stagnation: Listen to the Uranus Gong

10. Lack of vision and inspiration: Listen to the Neptune Gong

11. Lack of integration or feelings of corruption: Listen to the Pluto Gong

According To Ancient Truth:

For each poisonous plant that grows, Its appointed remedy grows nearby. Bach Flowers came into being in which for every distress there was the magical nectar of flowers to cure it. In the study of astrology, the solar system can be looked at as an 11 petaled tone flower of planets, whose vibratory influences affect our lives.

These orbital tones emanating from the heavenly spheres in our Solar System affect every cell in our bodies, every feeling of our emotions and every thought of our minds. Every one of the gong like spheres when unafflicted saturate our forms with their beneficent resonances.

The COSMOS, quivering with sound, is like an infinite number of leaves quivering in the breeze. Out of the AUM sound and also contained within it are all the sounds that make up all the vibrating forms of life. Just as sound when projected through a liquid solution or sand on a metal plate produces geometric patterns, so does form result throughout the creative manifestation, including the human body.

According To Astrologers:
In a personal astrological chart, planets that are in discordant aspect may be balanced by the harmonious resonances of others around it.

According To Ancient Scriptures:
Without a strong fundamental seed tone, no form can resonate fully. If we alter this fundamental we can affect the form for better or worse.

Every being or object has its BIJ or SEMINAL SOUND; its basic mantra or VACH (voice).

According To Homeopathic Philosophy:
The substance that creates disease if taken in a small enough amount can also be the cure.
It is with these four considerations that the Vach Flowers of Sound establish their importance in our lives.

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