Nine Day Annual Gongmaster Training

"The objective in gong meditation is to remove the emotional traces of recurring karma, by bringing listeners to the blissful yogic state of complete neutrality, or Turyia, and deepening the gong experience to the point of spiritual shift." Don Conreaux

Join us for the Annual Gongmaster Training Retreat at Starhenge. 9 Full days of yoga, sound and healing; learning, practice and play. This is a wonderful opportunity for those new, and serious practitioners, healers, searchers, as well as those in recovery. Avail yourself to resonant energy for personal wellness, greater synthesis and growth, as well as reunion and resurgence as a global gong family, and artists for humanity.

Learn preparations and techniques of Gong Yoga Kriyas, of breath, movement and sounds useful for inducing rejuvenation and Gong Bath Therapy with guided meditations, enabling deep relaxation and release.

Develop greater understanding of the Chiometer chart, increasing your ability to synthesize diverse correspondences into a greater holism, combining light and sound, chakra, Chi flow, into designs for remedial and empowering exercise, meditation, therapy or ceremony.

Enhance your skill in sounding the gong, singing bell bowl, conch, expressing your polyphonic voice, and uncover for yourself deeper meaning in these ancient practices.

Develop creatively in the art of tone circle improvisation, its form and relevance in ritual ceremony and sanctifying space is revealed when we partake in the experience of the global Gong Ceremony inside the Starhenge Mandala. Receive new teachings, meet wonderful people and share in discourse, including groundbreaking theories in sound healing with participants from around the world.

The Gong Teachings have evolved and so have the growing number of students of the gong around the world have dedicated themselves to this form of Sound Practice.

This year promises to be our most exciting retreat held at Gaunts House in Dorset with new students arriving and the return of apprentices who have been carrying on their research and practice these past years. Emphasis this year will be on the various forms of the private Gong Bath Therapy and public Gong Bath presentations.

9 is the number of the Gong, and the New Age we have entered. It is also the number of completion and as an Inneagram, demonstrates the archetypal Mandala of Initiation. Students who have been to previous trainings will be expected to master their mechanical skills on the gong, bell,bowl, conch, overtoning, conducting social rites, and Sacred Tone Improvisation.

We will have new students this year who need to acquire basics and this will be an opportunity for apprentices to teach essentials.

We will deepen our exploration of the Starhenge Divinational Mandala.

For more please contact:
Richard Glyn Foundation at Gaunts House
Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4JQ