Sound Healing On The 4TH Ray Of Humanity

Power of the gong - Mystery of the sacred gong, bell and conch discussion and demonstration of their musical mission, history and use in Tibetan, Hindu, Asian and other traditions.theories of telepathic resonance and the emerging great work of healing with sound on the 4th ray of humanity through the 21st century.

Great gong Experience - Lie down and dissolve into the total sound of holistic resonance according to Buddhist lore; gong tone, felt in the heart as musical resonance, is the return of maitreya.

Gong Power of Our Solar System - hear and feel the healing tones of the 11 orbiting bodies of our solar system discussion, meditation and demonstration includes planet gong correspondences to other systems such as; astrology, color, chakra, gland, meridian, muscle, tarot, tree of life, etc.

Sacred Geometry of Tone - science of mathematics and art of music combined discover secrets of the universe from a healing tone perspective and learn about the cutting edge of acoustical research.

Outdoor Conch Blowing Experience - the spiral sea horn announces the eminent return of quetzalcoatl. Mayan prophesy names the period of 1987-2013 the time of earth purification.Learn signals and motifs of "conch talk" perform with the shell horns using sacred geometry and participate in an ancient healing sound circle. Discussion on history and uses in traditions around the globe.

Play the gong, bell and conch - how to choose and play primal resonant tone producing instruments.beginning, intermediate and advanced classes.

Gong Bodywork: Gong Hands - An intuitive approach to the synchronistic qualities of holistic resonance and how to develop the 9th chakra of the hands discussion, demonstration and hands-on participation.

Gong yoga - practice the holistic synthesis of kriya kundalini yoga, breathing, toning, massage, movement and meditation. group or individual.Indoor and out.

Minute yoga - "mini - yogs" for self - maintenance can be done anywhere at anytime. safe, quick, effective methods for rejuvenation and stress reduction.