The Sound of the Gong by John Ram Tibayan

The sound of the gong is the channel of Pure Truth, and whenever Truth is experienced, healing occurs. When the gong is played, the sound vibrations immediately quiets the mind, allowing healing to occur. The gong's resonance is the very music of the spheres; the heavenly bodies of the universe. Each planet, moon and star is a gong emanating the divine sound of AUM in its variety of vibrational patterns. Don Conreaux

Don considers the gong to be the premier instrument for this time on our planet to help bring inner and collective peace. He believes that if enough gongs are rung at various times of the day, the healing tones will bring us back in tune with the laws of nature, and respect for the sacredness of plants, animals and each other.

Not only does he carry the rare gift of carrying a vision of unity, but he had created a practical experience where that vision can be shared in a direct way. "Sound of the Gong" is an all day experience with Don in a clinical setting. I recently attended this one-day seminar to experience the ancient techniques for personal growth. Sy Guttentag, producer of Sound of the Gong, began the seminar relating his personal experience with the gong.

In February his mother passed away and he developed pneumonia which he couldn't shake. A friend invited him to an Oriental gong concert and he reluctantly decided to attend. During the performance, an extraordinary experience occurred where he floated out of his body and became the sound of the gong. The next day his pneumonia was gone. Guttentag then began promoting these events so that others may also have exposure to the healing qualities of the gong.

The seminar began with exercises designed to "break the ice" of the participants by hugging and sharing affection with one another. It is remarkable how a few hugs could immediately dispel feelings of alienation and allow loving communication to ensue. We were ready for more!

As the sounds of the gong gradually intensified, I was no longer a physical body; there was only the sound, the universal vibration. I was another planet vibrating in space, emanating tones. My body disappeared, and I entered an altered state where my mind became very clear, and I felt in communication with universal knowledge. Messages and answers came to me. My mind stopped thinking, yet the knowledge was still there. There was no need to think or analyze; just be and know. I noticed resistance patterns decreasing their hold.

Other instruments joined the gong. First was the conch, a large sea shell played by blowing into it like a horn. Some of these instruments played by Lorraine Freeman created a soothing blend of resonances, softening the intensity of the gong. We also heard the Ram's Horn, which symbolizes the heralding of anew era of world peace.

Don continued to explain that the gong activates and balances the brain. it sound harmonizes and establishes a unity between our dual forms of perception. The left brain is beta and the right is alpha; with the sound of the gong, consciousness begins to shift into theta which allows a sharing or merging of both halves of the brain, and attunes us to universal knowledge.

Don uses the term "transvolution" to describe the gong experience. Transvolution is the quantum leap in consciousness that allows us to leave behind our limited parameters and transit from peak to more sublime experiences. It is a level that when fully mastered, allows transference form one place to another, just by thinking it so. These are laws beyond the physical, and are mysteriously hidden within the vibrations of sound.

The science of sound can be used to heal, illuminate, and to manifest. Gongs are also thought to have been used to levitate large stones and boulders. It is believed that the large granite stones of the pyramids were levitated and transported great distances by the use of sound tones. The gong creates unity of diversity in that the sound makes everything disappear, except cosmic awareness.

The sound receded into an intense, quiet meditation. Don's soft and gentle voice then brought us gradually back into our bodies. "Move your wrists." I attempted to re-enter my body. "Move your ankles." I came partly back, then fully re-entered and my eyes popped open. We were then guided through more yogic postures and breathing exercises. Then the group positioned itself in two rows, head to toe, leaving an aisle for Don to walk down with the gong.

I again had a wonderful, relaxing experience. We formed groups of nine to do healings for those who volunteered. The group formed a circle around the volunteer and were guided into rapid breathing exercises. We lifted the person off the floor as a gong was struck. I saw people enter instantly into a very deep state of meditation when the gong was struck. This is a process of shifting into the super-conscious state or an instantaneous Samadhi* experience.

According to oriental tradition, the sound of the gong recreates the loving essence of the universe's creation. Those who experience the resonance of the gong find a sense of oneness that is unforgettably empowering, that inspires a greater bonding of family and community, individually and universally. Don's purpose is to create a personal growth experience resulting in a greater enhancement of the quality of each participant's life, as well as an ongoing connection between each of the participants.

The event ended with a time for socializing and networking. We were each encouraged to spend at least three hours the following week sharing gifts, talents, and needs with another member of the group. Sy Guttentag stressed the importance of networking to bring unity to the planet: "I have a dream of a 'Network of Networks' where people with talents to contribute are reaching those who have needs."