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When two tones of equal amplitude combine they produce offspring or progeny tones. These resulting overtones also combine to produce further resulting tones, also called heterodynes in sacred geometry. This process of space filling of 'resultant tones' follows the famous Fibanicci Series, based on the golden proportion's pull on matter and consciousness. All ascending summation tones follow the line of the PHI spiral.

Since the descending reduction tones are not universally apparent, because of their intermittent appearance, they are mostly sensed as undertones and beat-tone brain pulsations.

There are two series,(1) the Natural Harmonic Rise and (2) the Non-Harmonic Summation Rise. Each are distinctly different in their function.

While the universal rise of natural tones proceed from Octave to fifth to fourth (2nd Oct.) to major third and on to smaller and smaller increments until they disappear from hearing range; the resulting summation rise, levels off at PHI or the minor sixth of 1.618 as they ascend beyond hearing.

This natural harmonic rise of the upper partials are called the 'flight of the soul to its source' in esoteric language. As all matter disintegrates it follows this overtonal dissolution.

The non-harmonic partials produced by resultant tone combinations, being space filling and dependent on amplitude and compression of density, level off to more and more discreet increments of harmonic congruency (PHI).

The non-material world of the Akashic Waters is constituted of sound in its etheric form. As this spirit filled inter-dimensional world penetrates and fills all micro-macro material space,it is in the 3rd dimensional sense called Kasha or material sound.