"The day of World Peace will arrive when people are called to gather to give thanks for
life while they listen to the simultaneous ringing of all the gongs and bells around the world.
"New Genesis", Dr. Robert Muller


In 1987, at the World Union of Cities for Peace Convention in Madrid, Spain; Don Conreaux presented the idea of a Global Network of Peace Bell Gardens. It won the unanimous approval of 90 mayors from martyred cities around the world. A formal request for the Peace Bell Gardens was made in Barcelona by the government of Catalonia for 50 - 100 villages in northern Spain.

In 1988, a joint Soviet-American Summit, in Washington, DC, approved the idea of erecting "twin-tuned" Peace Bell Gardens, first in Moscow and Washington, followed by installations in major cities, designated as twin towns or sister cities, throughout the world.


The idea - World Peace Bell Gardens in Peace Parks, Peace Plazas and Private Installations.These sites would be geomantically aligned Cities for Peace. The resulting "tuned" grid system, which utilizes the dismantled missiles and implements of war for its structural materials,is a tradition that dates back to the Bronze Age when melting down weapons of war, and re-casting them into Bells and Gongs, proclaimed a time of cooperative peace.
We propose that the first World Peace Bell Garden, incorporating dismantled armaments be placed at the United Nations, and in Moscow and Washington, DC. This should be followed by a network of harmonically tuned World Peace Bell Gardens in major cities throughout the United States and the world.


World Peace Bell Gardens symbolize the disarmament process that began with the signing of the 1987 INF Treaty. Appropriate reverence can be given to the desired objective of a 'functional' Peace through these symbolic acoustical structures.

This grid system of harmonically tuned resonant sound spaces, will designate places where the focus is placed on the global transformation of a war mentality into a common mind-set of an ecologically aware peace that emphasizes non violence, the improvement to the human being, and world wide cooperation. And all of the Universal Peace Symbols will be represented. Dove, Flame, Rainbow, etc.

Don Conreaux, acoustical researcher, requested Robert Gulick, Sacred Architect, to design several universal centerpieces for World Peace Bell Gardens. His three designs include a gong/chime sculpture suspended in a spiral, a resonating peace flame, and a dismantled weapon hanging in a tuned geometrical structure.

The tones produced by these centerpieces aesthetically resonate at C Sharp, 136.1 Hz. The tone of Mother Earth as well as the Heart Center of humans.

Honoring the Designs of Sacred Architect Robert Gulick.
In 1987, Robert was asked to design some prototypical Peace Bell Garden Sites around a resonating structure. Since then he has presented us with the following concepts.

World Peace Bell Gardens would like to especially acknowledge Mr. Gulick as truly representing what we call an "Architect for Humanity".

Presently we are seeking locations for their placement.


Peace Bell Garden 1

Peace Bell Garden 2

Peace Bell Garden 3

Peace Bell Garden 4

Peace Bell Garden 5

3D Pyramid

An Open Request
World Peace Bell Gardens invites participation from local Peace Bell Gardens in every city and township globally.

To contact us about offering your gift of designs, ideas, sponsorship, project management and more, please write respond via E-Mail or write to us at:

Don Conreaux, Director
NEW YORK, NY 10014-0318