Holistic Resonance: The Way of the Gong

Gongmaster Don Conreaux

The Gong Experience: An Introductory Evening

Fri: Mar 18
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

This is a rare opportunity to study with a gong master of extraordinary experience and knowledge. Learn Gongmaster Don's Mysterious Tremendum approach to Sacred Tone Improvisation using the Syntonic Music precepts of Dane Rudhyar. Acquire the skill of a healing tone artist through workshops that may include Singing Bowl Mastery, Overtone and Mantra Mastery, Sacred Tone Ceremonial Improvisation and Rite Conducting, Gong Yoga, Gong Tone Therapy, Guided Gong Meditation, Spiritual Counseling and much more. These workshops can stand alone as a complete workshop experience or can be a step towards becoming a practitioner of gong therapy for those who are interested in this on-going training program in Holistic Resonance offered March and September at All That Matters. No experience necessary. Repeat students will broaden and deepen their study with Gongmaster Don.

The spiritualization of matter through holistic resonance is called the "gong experience," a meditational bath of sound healing. Join Don for an evening of storytelling and discussion, and experience the powerful sound and vibration of a gong bath meditation.


Gong Yoga Therapy

"The objective in gong meditation is to remove the emotional traces of recurring karma, by bringing listeners to the blissful yogic state of complete neutrality, or Turyia, and deepening the gong experience to the point of spiritual shift."

Gong Healing Intensive

Sat: Mar 19
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

This is a rare opportunity to study with a gong master to learn the principles and practices of holistic sound healing. Experience the in-depth healing power of the gong bath and learn techniques for emotion/stress release, chakra alignment, and yogic breath exercises. In this hands-on "spiritual free jazz" workshop you will learn Don's Mysterious Tremendum approach to Sacred Tone Improvisation using the Syntonic Music precepts of Dane Rudhyar. Learn the skill of a healing tone artist using the bronze gong, singing bell bowl, sacred blowing conch and vocal overtoning; and acquaint yourself with the gong's esoteric and mystical origins as well as present day applications. The new student will learn the skill of the healing tone artist, and the continuing student or experienced gong player will deepen their knowledge with new information and applications to sound healing. To conclude our day, all will take part in a sound-healing circle.

$135 No Discounts

We are honored to have Don participate in our 10th Anniversary and Spring Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Don Conreaux

A Ritual for the Spring Equinox

Sat: Mar 19
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Spring Equinox is a time of new growth and renewal. Join All That Matters for this very special labyrinth walk to commemorate ten years inspiring wellness from the inside This walking meditation will be enhanced with the healing resonance of the gong, masterfully played by Gongmaster Don Conreaux. Christine McCullough will be assisted by Vici Williams. (Time may run longer than noted.) Preregistration required by March 17.

Private Gong Therapy Sessions

Sun: Mar 20

Private Gong Therapy Sessions are available on March 20th. For more information on these private sessions with Don Conreaux, contact All That Matters.

Don Conreaux holds master degrees in Theatre Arts. He was a master teacher and director of Kundalini Teacher Training under Yogi Bhajan and a former disciple of Kriya Yoga©–s Paramahansa Yogananda. Don draws upon his 55 years of yoga and sound work. Since 1985, Don has been teaching his Gong Yoga system of exercise for rejuvenation. He is an advisor to numerous humanitarian and environmental organizations, conducts annual Artists for Humanity concerts, and leads workshops and training retreats around the world. As a design director of Starhenge, he is building a network of peace bell gardens and land mandalas around the world. He maintains a private practice in NYC and will be assisted by Randee Ragin.

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