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Gongs of Our Solar System, on the Tone Tree of Life

"Where Soul Force Merges with Spirit" Immerse yourself in the soundscape adventure of the heavenly bodies. Dane Rudhyar has said, "a tone is like a cell, composed of organic matter. It has the power of assimilation, reproduction, making changes and growing. Concentrate on a cell, and you may discover the mysteries of the Universe, concentrate on a tone and find the inner voice of the Self." The original pure gong recording of meditations by Gongmaster Don Conreaux, sounding each of the 11 Planet Gongs crafted by Paiste, tuned to Hans Cousto's orbital frequencies. Chart of correspondences, and suggested tone Tree of Life meditations are included.
Listen with headphones to experience sonic phenomena of the gongs

Vach Flower Gongtone Bouquets

Layered Planet Gong combinations for Deep Meditation. We call these Syntonic Elixirs. It is the next evolution of Gongs of our Solar System with solo performances by Gongmaster Don Conreaux. "Vach" is the Sanskrit term for Voice of the Cosmos, and our solar system complex is likened to a great sunflower. On this recording you will experience the magic of tone bouquets and clusters of planet gongs composed into dyad, triad, 5, 7 and 11 gong combinations. Seed Thoughts are offered in liner notes.

Atlantean Gongs

Solo performance by Gongmaster Don Conreaux recorded live using over 60 Paiste made Gongs from small to enormous, with Bells, Conchs and the refreshing Atlantic surf. Dynamic combination of tones. "Melodious and deeply stirring resonant music, for deep relaxation and meditation. A powerful total sound immersion with conch, bell and voice emanating like echoes from a distant past."

World Peace Bell Gardens

A solo performance by Gongmaster Don Conreaux. This Peace Bell Ceremony features a collection of Burmese Spinning Bell Gongs made with re-cycled weaponry, and includes sacred conch, gong and mantra. This recording is dedicated to Starhenge and the World Peace Bell Gardens Project, celebrating humanity working together in peaceful cooperation. Peace Bells, as used in this recording, continue a legacy of peace co-founded in 1984 with the first portable Peace Bell Garden. These Peace Bells are made available upon special request, as a gift to honor an individual or organization, as well as, for personal practice.

Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble under the direction of Gongmaster Don Conreaux
Anthology of Sacred Tone Improvisation performances, from inception in 1991 to present, recorded live in sacred acoustic spaces USA, UK and AUS. Compositions are based on the philosophy of intuitional gong music. Our music has been called Seed Music of the New Millennium, because it carries the transformational healing of the ancients through its mix of archaic, indigenous and ancient instrument and vocal traditions. It is music rooted in spontaneous telepathic rapport, and thus may evoke a descent of grace from universal spirit.

At the Crossing Grounds

A ritual ceremony held at Sacred Aboriginal Cave called Glastonbell in Australia. The theme of this performance was "removing the veil between the living and those who have passed on." Features Lynda Myers mantric variation of Universal Greeting. Ensemble included gongs, conchs, shakuhachi, Himalayan singing bell bowls and natural environmental sounds.

Syntonic Rituals

Spiritual Free Jazz performance with sacred tone improvisation artists in Hopi Khiva in Woodstock NY, and in the Balmoral Chapel at Leigh-on-Sea on the East Coast of England. Features gongs, singing bell bowls, voice, harp, sitar and bells.


Three diverse compositions on gong, singing bell bowl, conch and voice. Includes Deep Gong Bath, Sacred Tone Improvisation, London ensemble featuring nomadic voice of Kat Von Trapp and the magestic flutes of Tim Wheater. New York ensemble features Naturebeat, with Australian dijeridoo master Simon Seven, and the drum rhythms of Mecca Bodega.

An Evening of Healing

Concert in Washington Square Church New York, known as the Church of Peace. The program was held spontaneously, as a tribute to the survivors of 9/11terror attacks. Audience participation in mantras and prayers for peace, compassion and understanding. Ensemble included gongs, singing bell bowls, conchs, contrabassoon, dulcimer, Celtic harp, voice and percussion.

Millennial First Night

A profound and moving performance at the turn of year 2000 featuring the Great Invocation as libretto and a choir of mantras and prayers from around the globe. Special guest artist, tenor David Smith and an ensemble of gongs, bell bowls, conch, shofar, flute and cello.


Ceremonies, affirming love and unity, Abbott's Kitchen, Glastonbury England, and other sites, features the artistry of western Khoomii singer Michael Ormiston, celtic charm of Lynda Meyers, dijeridoo voice of Richard Manning, percussion of Eddy Sayer and others, in the field of the gongs..

Palace Upon Thames

Sacred Gong and Bell Bowl Ensemble featuring flutes of Tim Wheater, dijeridoo of Gary Thomas, nomadic voice of Kat von Trapp, and a mantric choir to evoke a precipitation of Spirit.

Spiritualization of Matter

Concerts for Humanity in New York and London, dedicated to a world without violence for the Children and our future. This recording represents spontaneous music excerpt from three performances. Gong Ceremony and ensemble works are Initiatory events, to cleanse and creatively transport audience and performers alike. Church of Saint Luke in the Fields, New York ensemble features American Festival of Microtonal Music artists, Johnny Reinhard contrabassoon, David Grego quartertone tuba and Dave Eggar cello, with ensemble players on gong, bell bowl, harp, piano, flute, mezzo sopranos and tenor voices. St Pancras Church, London ensemble features Emily Burridge cello, Michael Ormiston Mongolian Khoomii overtone singer, Tim Wheater flutes, and gongs, bell bowls, shofar, conch, bells and horse head fiddles.

PUBLICATIONS (books and charts $15 each)

Written by Gongmaster Don Conreaux

Magnum Opus Of The Gong, selected essays From technical to esoteric, these essays were written over time, with subjects presented in different ways, each complete. The reader may want to divine knowledge from these selections, by practicing a 3rd Eye Hookum; meaning to select by intuition or dowsing, simply open the book without forethought or predetermination.

Gongs of Our Solar System, tone guide for sound healing Dane Rudhyar said, "A tone is a solar system. It is composed of a central sun, of planets, and of a magnetic substance which circulates rhythmically within the limits of the system and relates to the magnetic substance of some vaster system. This manual contains, planetary correspondences of 11 orbiting bodies; combining planetary gongs is explained through the 55 possible Dyads.

The Music of Wholeness, dissonant harmony A Rudhyarian doctrine of Syntonic Reformation. Philosophical passages as seed thoughts. Understanding of the nature of gong music and its ability to transform consciousness, and how the renewal of music can bring about functional harmony in the world.


Chart of Universal Correspondences developed by Gongmaster Don Conreaux, used to Correlate or Divine; Sacred Geometry, Tone and Frequency, Color, Chi-Flow, Astrology, Tarot, Tree of Life, Muscle, Meridian, Chakra and more.


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Sacred Gongs and Planet Gongs Healing, Meditation, Yoga practice and Intuitive Music

Himalayan Singing Bell Bowls

Healing through Harmonics; used to enhance one-pointed meditation, sonic massage and therapy.

Custom Gong Bags by Basia

Ceremonial Instrument Covers and Pouches
To transport, and protect your Gong, Bell Bowl, Mallet, Shell Horn, Shofar or Hand Drum. Specially designed, with selected fabrics and details to meet personal aesthetics.

Gift of the Gong Collection is made available through Mysterious Tremendum. A portion of proceeds from the sale of these items helps support Starhenge and the World Peace Bell Gardens Project, under the sponsorship of The American Festival of Microtonal Music, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, and the Richard Glyn Foundation, a registered UK Charity. Project is dedicated to non-violence for the Children of our Future and the Celebration of Humanity Working Together in Peaceful Cooperation. Many Thanks for your generosity toward our mission to foster Peace and exalt the Human Spirit.

Mysterious Tremendum Concerts, Programs and Projects are made possible in part by the support of New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and Education, Materials for the Arts, V9 Digital Inc., and the generosity of cultural institutions, humanitarian organizations, private companies, individuals, and Artists for Humanity worldwide.