Resolving the Grand Unified Field of Correspondences

A Tool of Divination (Intuitional Development)
The Chiometer - helps resolve the grand unified field of correspondences by synthesizing diverse systems.

The Chiometer chart is useful to all students of self-transformation, and for practitioners of Acupuncture, Kinesology, Physical Conditioning, Yoga, Tarot, Kabalah, Feng Shui, Sound and Color Healing, Sacred Geometry, Shamanic Ceremony, and other forms of Divination.

The Chi-om-eter is an 11 'Ring Within Ring' Wheel- A tool to nourish the materialization of higher triadic awareness. It is a universal chart of correspondances that serves analogical food for triadic thought.

Outer Wheel- The 24- hour Chi-clock of 12 two-hour time divisions sequenced by odd hours and the four directions of the Chi-flow in the body. This allows you to follow the flow of life force and where it is according to the local time zone.

12 two-hour meridians, their Yin or Yang gender, element, season and color; All of the 12 two-hour Meridian Houses begin and end with odd numbers and run clockwise on the wheel following the path of the Sun.

The 39 particular muscles relating to the 12 Meridians. In Kinesiology these are the testing muscles useful for diagnosing one meridian at a time; in Gong Yoga they are the 39 Meridian Muscle Exercises.

This allows you to treat acupuncture points by muscle testing the meridians for weakness and strength or for choosing which muscles you wish to exercise.

Middle Wheel - The 12 two-hour Houses of the Zodiac with their key descriptions follow 'even number' hours and run counter-clockwise This allows you to reference astrological signs of the zodiac into various house positions. The Sun rises into the 12th House and sets into the 6th House.

The 12 Astrological Signs are shown with their color, time of year, tone frequency and element. The colors and frequencies of the signs relate to Absorbing or Pigment Colors and follow the counterclockwise path of the Houses.

The Tarot Trump is associated with it's color and keyword and Astrological Sign, plus the ruling planet of each sign and its Tarot Card and key meaning. Also, Tree of Life Sphere the planet occupies, its color, meaning and frequency. The colors and tones of the planets and their Tarot relationships are based on Radiating or Transmitting color of Light frequencies. This is opposite Absorbing Pigment colors of the Constellations.

The transmitting color spectrum which holds the same frequencies as the Zodiacal Signs, assume the comple mentary color. Remember, Planets relate to transmitting colors of light while Signs relate to the opposite absorbing colors of light.

A CHORDAL ASPECTARIAN Innermost Wheel - Shows the relationship between astrological degree aspects and the chords of music, as well as, the trine and square relationships of the meridians used in oriental medicine and acupuncture.

The Gongmaster's Chiometric Considerations

Key to the Great Gongtone of Life- The Universal Law of Correspondances- The Great Gong Tone of Life, which has been called the grand "mysterious tremendum" exists in a holistic and fractal relationship with itself from micro material to spiritual. This holistic fractal relationship is called Hylo-zoism. New Science says we live in a hologramic and holophonic universe. This is the concept that all matter is alive, existing life within life ad infinitum. It assumes that we live in parallel universe with past and future simultaneously related in the now.

The Great Work-Magnum Opus of the Gong- The "great work" of spiritualization facing humanity today, is to develop within itself, the Primal Resonant Tone of Life, in order to manifest the mental ability known as Telepathic Resonance. The development of spiritualization is the emergence of intuition within the human mind. Its advent depends on the power of the individual and the collective mind, to synthesize the diverse elements of life through analogical correlation. It is believed that initiation into the Global Soul of One Human Family, depends on Unification of diversity into a fundctional whole.

Higher Consciousness- Within the Grand Chaos of a Living Universe, certain thought dust swims in the inner-audible etheric ocean of Universal Mind. This Universal Chaos is a coincidental and synchronous world in which infinite quazi-periodic patterns are formed. Some of the patterns are induced to form certain symmetries from the non-material plasma, and are considered highly evolved thought processes. These are variously known as Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Awareness, The Diamond Mind, and...

Intuitional Resonance- We can activate the extraordinary ability of telepathinc intuitional resonance, through contemplation of universal relationships and their parallel attributes. We can develop an analogical habit by automatically saying in our mind the connecting phrases, "in other words" or "to put it another way."

We evoke this power of open form thinking so as not to become rooted in terms of cause/effect or thoughts of action and reaction (karma) "because of this; therefore that." This is linear thinking, short term thinking.

Triadic Thinking- We suspend our linear judgement of A+B=C, and realize there is A and B and also C. This is called Triadic Thinking. The "triadic" rather than "linear" approach is necessary for synchronicity to enter into human awareness.

Synchronicity- Synchronous parallel events happen not through cause and effect, but through the analogical building of "critical mass" in the mindfield of the global brain. A point of spontaneous manifestation occurs when similar dominant thoughts, held in the combined individual awarenesses, are smelted into a collective mind. This process of synthesis is exactly the way diverse metallic elements are alloyed (synthesized) into a powerful gong.

The Quickening- The sudden quantum shift of collective and individual consciousness expanding into one body of thought, has been called the 100th Monkey event. According to this theory, a special quickening occurs when enough of a percentage of a total collective of monkeys on an island learn something new which has been discovered by one of the monkeys. This something you could say whose "time has come" then manifests like magic in the whole collective "monkey mind" on the island.

Spontaneous Fractalization- This spontaneous precipitation of a new evolved ability then spreads synchronously to all other monkeys around the world. This simultaneous occurence may be something as simple as a monkey accidentally discovering that it is more pleasant to wash off muddy potatoes in a stream before eating them, contrary to previous eating habits.

Global Critical Mass- Today, this 100th monkey syndrome is increasing on a world-wide scale as the mass of the earth's human population increases. We humans are now reaching critical mass where a new spiritualized common mind is spontaneously unfolding. Therefore, we work on creating our individual Higher Self.

As in the Lesser, so in the Greater- Self through the triad process of intuitional thought, simultaneously works on the emergence of the Global Self. The Chiometer is a tool to nourish the manifestation of higher triadic awareness. The universal calculator of correspondences serves to bring you the necessary analogical food for triadic thought and Sacred Geometry.

Chiometer is designed by Don Conreaux

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