Discovered 3500 B.C.
in Mesopotania/Persia. Began The Bronze Age. First metallic alloy created by the scientific discovery of synthesis. Found in all parts of the earth in which smelting was employed. Cause of discovery, copper and tin melting together from the rocks which composed great bread ovens at the height of the preceding Agricultural Age. Ancient Sacred Gongs included pieces of meteorites that fell from the heavens.

Spiritual and Cultural
association: Buddha in 600 B.C. had all bells and gongs inscribed with two Mandarin Chinese Characters TAI LOI implying that when the gong is struck,"Happiness Arrives with a corresponding Spiritualization of matter". The return of gong consciousness to the world heralds the immanent return of the coming Buddha in the hearts of humanity under the name of Maitreya which means "Loving Kindness and Musical Resonance".

Ancient Uses:
An initiatory tool for enlightenment,etheric projection, and exorcism of negative spirits, the gong proclaimed the presence of spiritual royalty, kept the sick from dying, safely transported the deceased to their heavenly home, and was possibly employed in the levitation of heavy stones.

Modern Discoveries:
Gong tones add together and subtract to create a fullness of sound called functional harmony.The mathematics involved is the Fibannicci Series.In music it is the Resultant Tone Theory. In quantum physics,it is Chaos Theory of Quazi-periodic patterns and 3-dimensional Hologramic Fractalization. Recently, Intense sound waves when focused on a bubble have been found to create a strange blue light called Sono-Luminescence.

Theory of Gong Philosophy:
The gong is an engine of power releasing tone resonance and complex harmonics that are transferred to the recipient. It is an etheric opening of fullness. It simulates the paranormal experiences of yogic samadhi...dematerialization,levitation,time- lessness, bliss and rejuvenation. It relieves the stress of life and revitalizes the immune and nervous system.