Don Conreaux

Musician / Composer / Performing Artist / Director / Teacher
PO Box 318 Village Station, NY, NY 10014

Activities 1969 - Present Professional Positions

For the past 30 years, Don Conreaux has brought the mystical and entertaining sounds of the ancient bronze gong (tam tam), bells, bell bowls, shofar and the spiral sea horn (conch) to millions of listeners around the world. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as performing artist and talk show guest, holds 2 degrees in Theater Arts. Mr. Conreaux has worked throughout his career in theater, in both film and television in Hollywood as an actor, writer, and director before arriving in 1984 to NYC.

"The bronze gong has since ancient times been thought to exemplify the sounds of the universe; the sacred conch suggests the sounds of whales, elephants, dolphins, and wolves." These sounds summon the forces of nature," offers Mr. Conreaux. He is a genuine Gongmaster, as well as artistic director of The Mysterious Tremendum Consort and School of Sacred Sound. Previously, Don performed as one of the original members of the singing bowl ensemble called One Hand Clapping.

Don Conreaux tours worldwide, offering instruction, discourse, retreats, and full-evening concerts. Promoting the gong and its direct relationship to stress reduction and subsequent healing. The role of tone vibration is underscored as a tool for expanding awareness and global unity. Conreaux teaches the art and science of the gong, sacred conch playing, archaic polyphonic chanting and several other ancient tone producing instruments with The Mysterious Tremendum School of Sacred Sound

and Intuitional Gong Yoga ; "a school without walls". "The thrust of my work is to demonstrate and explain the importance of the ancient gong in today's world, not only through the diversity of its powerful entertainment value, but by introducing its philosophy, relevance, and application to musicians, therapists, scientists, educators and the general public."

As a writer, actor and director in theater, Mr. Conreaux was greatly influenced by Alice A. Baily's Esoteric Sound Healing, as well as Gene Youngblood's writings on on the subject of visually induced synaesthesia. In 1969 he produced and directed the first of his "Concerts For Humanity" which was called The Divine Union , and used for the first time, the ancient bronze gong with its powerful 'layering tones'.

Theatrically impressed by Gratowsky, and musically marked bycomposers Rudhyar and Skriabin; while on a Gandhian Salt March across the US, met Robert Muller of the UN and was struck by Muller's Day of World Peace Concept and its simultaneous ringing of a multitude of gongs and bells.

Conreaux's interest in ancient geomantic powerpoints, sacred geometry, and the inherent power of social rites, such as musical ceremonies using recycled implements of war, brought on the vision of designing special acoustic spaces utilizing principles of 'functional harmony' which empower the collective mind to cooperate non-violently with each other.

Most significantly, The Mysterious Tremendum Consort can also be understood as a resonant tribute to Russian composer Alexander Skriabin's earlier vision of a 'Mysterium' in which attempt to "re-tune the world".