Gong Yoga Retreat with Legendary Gongmaster, Don Conreaux

Harmony Program
14-21 August

Hotel Korinjak
Veli Iz, Croatia
+385 (0)1 6147 086, +385 (0)98 615 020

A holistic psychophysical relaxation, balancing and cleansing of the physical and energy bodies through vegetarian diet, teas, morning exercises, seminars and dances.

Gong Yoga with Gongmaster Don Conreaux

The sound of the gong gives us a pleasure of perpetual youthfulness and a resonating consciousness in a functional harmony. We stay spiritually young and joyfully creative by learning the secret of kundalini Kriya, healing though mantra and divination through sacred geometry. You are welcome to bring your own sacred tone producing instruments, such as singing bowls and gongs, and take part in the concluding shamanic concert of celebration called a Mysterious Tremendum.