Additional Professional Activities

1969 -1979
Innovated the technique of the Whirling Gong Dance, which illuminates the complex aural properties of the Gong; performed The Great Gong Experience, in cities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Hawaii; Conceived, scored and directed Divine Union - a multi-media concert featuring the Sound of the Gong; Developed and presented first Songs For Humanity Awards.

Wrote and directed play -No Hole, Goal, Mole, with Gong score, Masters Post-Graduate work in Theatre Arts, Arizona State University; Performed first solo recital -18 Gongs In Concert, Arizona State University; Acoustical research work, including in depth study of Dane Rudhyar's science and philosophy of the Gong, and private study with East Indian Master,Yogi Bhajan, Los Angeles.

1979 -1984
Conceived, directed and performed on Gong- World Symposium For Humanity, and produced 2nd Songs For Humanity Awards concert with Master of Ceremonies, Paul Horn - honoring musicologist Dane Rudhyar with original Alice A. Bailey Great Invocation, performed for the first time since 1939; Solo performance on Gong and Director of 3rd Songs For Humanity Awards concert at the New World Festival for the Unity-in-Diversity Council, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations; Collaborated with improvisational ensemble Avatar, featuring primal instrumentation such as the Ancient Gong, Tibetan Bells and Conch; Performed Gong Ceremonies throughout California, including Future World Expo, Palladium,LA; Began Artist Representation of Paiste Gongs. Produced Atlantean Gongs featuring over 60 Paiste Gongs and sounds of the Atlantic Ocean, and Sacred Cove with Gong, Bell, Tibetan Bowl, Shofar, Shell Horn, and the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

1984 -1986
Board Member and Gongmaster of Ceremonies for The Gandhi Peace Center, Wendell, Massachusetts. Toured with the Great Grand Nephew of Mahatma Gandhi, presenting the Gong as a symbol of Peace on the Great Salt March. Performed Gong ceremonies and Universal Greeting in hundreds of cities, and at the unveiling of Gandhi Statue installations.

Initiated world-wide network of Peace Bell Gardens - specially tuned and constructed of re-cycled implements of war. With Dr. Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary to the United Nations, performed opening ceremonies on Gong for United Nations, others include- The International Disarmament Conference, The Conference on Aging, Earth Day and Universal Peace Day at Battery Park, NYC.

Developed application techniques utilizing the tonal qualities of the Gong for therapeutic benefit. Cross-country Sound Workshop Tour, including World Peace University, Oregon; Co-designed with Job Matuso, Portable Peace Bell Garden, a 100 bell installation for the Traveling Children's Museum, Tuscon, Arizona; Guest Artist with the free jazz group, Sun Ensemble, Massachusetts.

1987 - 1989
Performed Solo to over 100 mayors at the annual Cities For Peace Conference, Madrid, Spain, as well as concerts and workshops in Barcelona, Spain; Introduced the Gong and its power to the tribal community of Sesurlanda at Lake Victoria in Uganda, East Africa; Presented the Universal Greeting to 600 attenders, including Ted Turner, at the Soviet-American Citizens Summit in Washington D.C. Won approval for a joint project, Twin Peace Bell Gardens, for Moscow and Washington D.C. Performed opening ceremony in Soviet-American Concert with clarinetist, Paul Winter at St. John's Cathedral in New York; Directed and performed- Music Therapists for Peace Concert, New York, featuring Richie Havens.

1990 - Present
Sound Designer for National Peace Garden competition, Washington DC; Guest Artist One Hand Clapping, Tibetan Bowl Ensemble-concerts in Los Angeles and New York; Collaborated with Marilyn Fergusen, author Aquarian Conspiracy, produced 3-D Holophonic recording "Ancient Gongs"-distributed by Brain Mind Bulletin; Mastered 12 volume collection Gongs of our Solar System"and released Tone Tree of Life; Formed Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble which features master musicians on primal and indigenous instruments, including voice, in concert and recording. Theatrical performances have included dance; Performed for the World Council of Churches in Washington D.C.and at President Clinton's Inauguration, Reflecting Pond and New York Ball, and in the Inner Circle at Stonehenge.

Mysterious Tremendum joined with R. Carlos Nakai, Nawang Ketchog, Paul Winter and Nana Vasconcelos and over 30 musicians for the first Cry for the Earth Ceremony and Giving of Thanks Celebration, at Saint John the Divine Cathedral, NYC. Also at Saint John, when we presented The Universal Greeting, the call and response prayer for The Martin Luther King Celebration, Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Dinkins participated.

Mysterious Tremendum School of Sacred Sound certification course and improvisational evenings; Mysterious Tremendum "classroom without walls" tour of Sacred Arts Programs internationally.